Working Papers

SARiHE Working paper 2017-1

SARiHE Working Paper 1 Rurality and Education (PDF, 385 kB)

This working paper is a non-exhaustive survey of research on rurality. It covers key themes in order to arrive at working assumptions for an understanding of rurality to inform the SARiHE research project. It contains a broad focus on rurality and education, as it is discussed in the international literature, as well as a specific focus on South Africa, as this is the setting in which the SARiHE study is located. Although the focus is on education, many of the observations in the literature on rurality and politics, society and social services, influence and in some cases mirror what occurs with regard to education. Thus, it covers a slightly wider ambit. The discussion is on rural general education, i.e. schooling, as well as higher education, partly because much of the theorising on rurality occurs in relation to general education, and partly because a student’s experiences of general education will influence their experience of higher education.