Southern African Rurality in Higher Education

The SARiHE project is working with student co-researchers across three South African universities – the University of Johannesburg, Rhodes University and the University of Fort Hare. The co-researchers are documenting their prior learning in rural areas and their experience as university students, as well as how they negotiated the transition to higher education. The research will make significant contributions to the concept of rurality, widening participation, equity, social justice and post-colonial curricula in higher education across Southern Africa and more widely across the global south.

This 30 month collaborative project is jointly funded by the ESRC and the NRF and is led by the University of Bristol and the University of Johannesburg.

Recent Updates

SARiHE Colloquium – Johannesburg, 29 May 2019

Programme Director: Prof Thea de Wet (SARiHE & University of Johannesburg) Welcome: Dr Kirti Menon (Senior Director, APQPPAS, University of Johannesburg) Keynote address: Distinguished Prof Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University) Background to the study and key findings: Dr Sue Timmis (SARiHE & University of Bristol), Dr Patricia Muhuro (SARiHE & Fort Hare University) & Kibbie Naidoo (SARiHE & University of…

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Policy Briefing and Policy Research Report Launch – 28 May 2019

We were pleased to launch a brand new policy briefing paper on the SARiHE project with key findings and recommendations at a breakfast with key policy makers is Pretoria. Policy Briefing (2019) We are also launching a 4 page SARiHE Policy Report – more detailed findings and info about the research on access to HE…

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