Programme Director: Prof Thea de Wet (SARiHE & University of Johannesburg)

Welcome: Dr Kirti Menon (Senior Director, APQPPASUniversity of Johannesburg)

Keynote address: Distinguished Prof Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University)

Background to the study and key findings: 
Dr Sue Timmis (SARiHE & University of Bristol), Dr Patricia Muhuro (SARiHE & Fort Hare University) & Kibbie Naidoo (SARiHE & University of Johannesburg)

Roundtable discussion:
Dr Dennis Banda (SAULT Forum and University of Zambia)  
Mr Ahmed Essop (Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education, University of Johannesburg)
Dr Amanda Hlengwa (SARiHE Board & Rhodes University)   
Prof Emmanuel Mgqwashu (SARiHE & Rhodes University)
Ms Sinah Phatlane (SARiHE Student Co-researcher, University of Johannesburg

Summary and reflections: Prof Amanda Hlengwa (SARiHE Board & Rhodes University)

Vote of thanks: Prof Gina Wisker (SARiHE & University Brighton)

Dr Patricia Muhuro explaining the rural areas where SARiHE co-researchers come from and the history of Homelands in South Africa
Dr Amanda Hlengwa wrapping up by challenging universities on their need to change to embrace new and dynamic cohorts of students