Lulekwa Baleni is a consultant in the teaching and learning centre at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. I advise and support faculties and students in academic development programmes such as curriculum development, evaluation of course teaching and learning, tutoring, and technology enhanced learning. I co-lecture in the assessment and moderation module offered in the Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education by the University of Fort Hare. I am enthusiastic to be part of the SARiHE project. My involvement in the SARiHE project is of benefit to me to promote and sharpen my research skills. This is a valuable opportunity to learn to balance international collaborative and individual work. My research focuses on students’ experiences of reflective learning in South African higher education institutions. I can make better contribution to the discourse on students’ first year experience in higher education and academic development practices. The project has a potential to give more insight on the inherent difficulties associated with rurality and how the 21 st century generation perceive their journey compared to the generation of the past apartheid regime.

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